Who is Yoda?

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WHO IS Yoda?

My name is Yoda Zhang. Yes, my real name it is. Backwards I don’t talk. Although some people expeect that.

It’s my passion to help other to achieve more happiness in life.

I can do that, because I’ve learned from Tony Robbins and graduated Mastery University.

If you have a specific question, let me know.

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One thought on “Who is Yoda?

  1. hello yoda,
    great to get in touch with you. spending my time living in asia kuala lumpur was great as well. you are located in frankfurt ? i like to get in touch with you using synergies, let´s talk about. my focus is building my international team following my vision for a global center ( workshops and seminares ) for human growth, health, and happyness in life. let me know your contact details, all the best amadeus neff, freedomteam@web.de

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