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My name is Yoda, and you are welcome. You have come to the right place. What is life about? Very easy: To be happy and enjoy. But stop, work and money are so important. Yes, true, but only the one who enjoys his work, can be happy doing it. There are so many people who “have everything”: Lots of money, big house, fast car etc. But still, they are not happy. Only stressed. Burn-out. Heart-attack. And also, there are some, who “don’t have anything”. But still they are very happy. Why is that? It’s not the money. It’s something else. But what?

It’s my goal to help other people to be more happy. So I hope you will continue reading my posts, maybe learn something and make your life a little better. I will post some valuable tools here, so be aware and ready to leave your comfort-zone.

Who am I? I like these things: design and printing, boardgames, retro-videogames, electronic music, thrilling real-life games and events, and of course everything that helps others, like healthy lifestyle and nutrition, sports, time-management, stress-reduction, helping other to find their passion in life.

On the right you can see some links to my other websites. Feel free to explore them and find something you like and enjoy. Don’t let your daily routine take away your curiosity! “I already know that” – if used as an excuse of being too lazy or fearful to explore something new, is a deadly phrase.

Feel free to post your opinion about my writing. I’m glad to read it! And thank you for giving me the opportunity of helping you.

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