I like you.

Yes, I like you.

Isn’t that interesting?

Maybe you ask yourself: How can he claim to like me? He doesn’t know me at all.

This is only partially right. I know you. We are all humans and we all have the same needs. We all need some certainty, some variety, the feeling of significance and being important, connecting to others through friendship and love, learning and growth and the feeling of contribution to others.
Therefore I like you, because you are like me. We are all one big family, every single one of us is special and valuable. Yes, this may sound somehow esoteric, but it’s the truth. Not esoteric at all.

Now, since this is made clear, you certainly won’t get angry if I can do something for you. Are you feeling stressed sometimes? Are there too many things you have to do, and you just can not finish them all? Maybe you’re not satisfied with your job. Maybe you want to change something. You know what: Tell me your story, write a comment. Maybe I can help you to get a new insight, a breakthrough,

But even if you don’t have anything to tell me at the moment, maybe I can still give you some valuable tips. How to make money, how to have more fun, how to be more happy.

In my last post, I explained that it seemingly doesn’t depend on money or fame if a person is happy of not. But if it’s not about that, what is it then? Why does everyone run after these things, even if they are not responsible for being happy?

That is because happiness is a decision. Most time we say: “When I have this and that, when I achieve this and that, then I will be happy.” The “this and that” can be the new job, the new partner, a new apartment, a new card, a certain amount of money, holiday or whatever it is. All these are “things”. This means we willingly make our happiness dependend on things that are outside of ourselves. You know what happens when you finally get the “this and that”: You won’t be more happy than before. Maybe for a short while, but not long term. And soon there will be another “this and that”. So we run after things for our whole life, hoping to find happiness. A chinese proverb says: “It’s the most stupid thing to search for the donkey you’re already sitting on.”

The point is: The decision. We decide when to be happy. If you decide consciously that you will be happy only if the “this and that” happens, then you will never be happy. But if you decide to be happy, independent of things, you will be happy. Sound esoteric again? It’s not. As usual.

Try the following things and see, if you feel happier:

1. Find something you can learn. Try something you have never done before. It should not be something for your job. It should be something totally different. A new sport, dancing, martial arts, movement, a different activity. Most important is that you learn something and not just participate. You can also read a book or take a class. But do something, don’t just read. It’s even enough if it’s only one hour.

2. Make someone happy. Important: It has to be someone who you don’t know and who also can not give you something back. For example: At the grocery-store, pay for the person in front of you or behind you. It doesn’t have to be much. Then just walk away. You can also do that in a restaurant or a bar. Just try it.

Tell me about your experiences. I’m curious to read it!

Welcome to Yodacoaching!

My name is Yoda, and you are welcome. You have come to the right place. What is life about? Very easy: To be happy and enjoy. But stop, work and money are so important. Yes, true, but only the one who enjoys his work, can be happy doing it. There are so many people who “have everything”: Lots of money, big house, fast car etc. But still, they are not happy. Only stressed. Burn-out. Heart-attack. And also, there are some, who “don’t have anything”. But still they are very happy. Why is that? It’s not the money. It’s something else. But what?

It’s my goal to help other people to be more happy. So I hope you will continue reading my posts, maybe learn something and make your life a little better. I will post some valuable tools here, so be aware and ready to leave your comfort-zone.

Who am I? I like these things: design and printing, boardgames, retro-videogames, electronic music, thrilling real-life games and events, and of course everything that helps others, like healthy lifestyle and nutrition, sports, time-management, stress-reduction, helping other to find their passion in life.

On the right you can see some links to my other websites. Feel free to explore them and find something you like and enjoy. Don’t let your daily routine take away your curiosity! “I already know that” – if used as an excuse of being too lazy or fearful to explore something new, is a deadly phrase.

Feel free to post your opinion about my writing. I’m glad to read it! And thank you for giving me the opportunity of helping you.